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AC-S Open Cup Flash Point Tester Set
AC-S Flash Point Tester is designed and made as per the National Standard of People' Republic of China GB/T3536-2008 "Test Methods for Flash and Fire Point of Petroleum Products (Cleveland Open Cup Methods)", and the Company Standard of Shanghai Q/YXYY15 "SYD-3536 Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Tester". It is suitable to determine flash point and fire point of petroleum products having a flash point higher than 79degree, excepting fuel oils.

Brief introduction:
AC-S Automatic open cup flash tester is used to determine the flash point value of petroleum products. It adopts foreign advanced technology, uses touched screen replacing of typed keyboard, large LCD screen, without logo button prompts and so on. It is widely used in railway, aviation, electric power, oil industry and scientific research departments, etc.

1. Flash point value testing, both open cup and closed cup.
2. Two ignition modes. Platinum resistance wire and gas.
3. Alarm function.When testing temperature over the range.
4. Automatically operation, safe and efficient.
5.Automatic detection function
6.Automatically stored with time stamp historical records, store up to 255.
7.Comply with the United States, the EU and the national standards.
8.USB interface
9. Touch LCD Screen.
10 Printer


Technical Data:




1. Power supply: AC 220 V± 10%, 50 Hz;
2. Temperature measurement:
(1) Full scale: Ambient temperature to 300 º C;
(2) Repeatability: ≤ 8º C
(3) Reproducibility: ≤ 16º C
(4) Resolution: 0.1º C
(5) Precision: 0.5%;
3. Basic parameters:
(1) Temperature rising speed: as per GB/T3536;
(2) Ignition mode: by an electric flame (gas flame is 3 to 4 mm);
4. Ambient temperature: 10~40º C
5. Relative humidity: ≤ 80%
6. Total power consumption: not more than 500 W;

(I) Operation condition
1. Ambient temperature: 20± 5º C
2. Relative humidity: < 80%;
3. Power supply: AC 220V± 10%, 50± 1Hz;
(II) Temperature measurement
1. Measurement range: ambient temperature~350º C
2. Test accuracy: 0.2%;
3. Resolution:   0.1º C
4. Repeatability:
(1) Flash point is lower than 150 º C: error is less than 4 º C
(2) Flash point is higher than 150 º C: error is less than 6 º C
(III) Basic parameters:
1. Speed rising speed: as per GB/T 3536-83;
2. Ignition mode: By a gas flame (4 mm);
3. Total power consumption: not more than 400 W;

1.   Power  supply:   AC  220  V± 10%,   50  Hz;
2.   Temperature  measurement:
(1)  Full  scale:   Ambient  temperature  to  400  º C;
(2)  Repeatability:   ≤ 4º C;
(3)  Reproducibility:   ≤ 8º C;
(4)  Resolution:   0.1º C;
(5)  Precision:   0.5%;
3.   Basic  parameters:
(1)  Temperature  rising  speed:   as  per  GB/T3536;
(2)  Ignition  mode:   by  an  electric  flame  (gas  flame  is  3  to  4  mm);
4.   Ambient  temperature:   10~40º C
5.   Relative  humidity:   ≤ 80%;
6.   Total  power  consumption:   not  more  than  400  W;


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