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HTAD Acid Tester
HTAD acid tester, conforming to ASTM D974, ASTM D 664, GB/T264, GB7599-87, GB/T7304-2000 and other regulations, which can accurately test the acid value of transformer oil, steam-turbine oil, fire-resistant oil, diesel oil, gasoline oil and other petroleum products, has been widely used in fields of chemical industry, power, petroleum, etc.

Brief introduction:
HTAD Acid tester is suitable to determine acid number of transformer oil and turbine oil.It is designed and made for Acid Number of Petroleum Products". It takes a blue LCD for display. It can make determination, print test data automatically using a microprocessor. Test procedures are automatically controlled by the microprocessor. Operation procedures are intuitive and simple. Adopt a magnetic stirrer, it is safe, reliable, delicate, and there is less noise during test procedure.


1.This tester adopts principle of acid-base titration and is controlled by micro-computer, with color LCD display and English input menu.

2.Functions of automatic liquid adding, titration, stirring, judging end point of titration, storage, printing results, etc.
3.Out shell is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plates with electrostatic sprayed surface, anti-corrosion and easy to clean.
4.Tester could clean pipes automatically, avoiding pipes blocking as well as eliminating bubbles, so as to extend pipes service lifetime.
5.Automatic change-over and testing between six sample cups is convenient for parallel comparison of acid value testing results.
6.Tester could proceed automatic checking when breakdown occurs and is available to store 260 groups testing data.



Technical Data:

Petroleum Products Acid Number Tester

Power supply

220V±10%, 50Hz;

Power consumption


Measurement range

0.001~0.999 mg KOH/g;


0.001 mg KOH/g

Acid number

<0.1: ±0.005 mg KOH/g

Acid number ≥0.1

5% of displayed value


0.004 mg KOH/g

Ambient temperature


Relative humidity




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