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SD-T Transformer Oil Tan Delta Tester, Oil Dielectric Loss tester
SD-T insulating oil dielectric loss and resistivity tester is used for measuring dielectric dissipation factor and DC resistivity of insulating oil and other insulating liquids

Brief introduction:
ASSEN SD-T Automatic Precision Oil Tan Delta Testers is a high-precision instrument of testing dielectric loss angle of insulating oil and other liquid, integrated with main components of cup oil of dielectric loss, temperature controller, temperature sensor, dielectric loss test power Bridge, AC test power, standard capacitors.

1. Advanced high-frequency induction heating mode, heat evenly, fast speed, easy to control.
2. All digital technology, automated measurement.
3. Large LCD display, full English menu, the results can be printed.

Technical Specifications:
Conditions: -5; C -40; C RH <80%;
Power Supply: AC 220V +/-10%;
High output: 1000V ~ 2200V every 200V
Accuracy: 2%
Capacity: 50VA Output Current 25mA;
Temperature induction furnace: Maximum Power 1500W;
Temperature control range: <100degree;
Temperature measurement error: +/-0.5degree;
Temperature error: +/-1degree;
Temperature time: Less than 20mins, at room temperature to 90degree;
Measuring range: Tgδ Unlimited, Cx 15PF ~ 300PF;
Accuracy: Tgδ : +/- (1.0% of the reading + 0.020%)
C x: +/-(1.0% of the reading+ 0.5PF);
Dimensions: 450 (L)*310 (W)*360 (H);
Weight: 18kg;


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