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ST BDV Dielectric Strength testing Instrument
The ST bdv dielectric strength tester provide repeatable, accurate measurement of breakdown voltage of insulating oils used in electrical equipment. These versatile, lightweight yet rugged units have been designed for both field and laboratory use.

Brief introduction:
Wtih auto test, auto handling, and auto print, and with high accuracy, easy operation and good safety. ST bdv dielectric strength tester is applied to measure dielectric strength of insulation oil, test item being the instant voltage value of oil sample breakdown. The tester is a full auto oil-testing device, of high accuracy and photoelectric type, with a microprocessor served as the core component; The tester has successfully overcome the difficulty where strong electromagnetic field has a severe interference in microprocessor, making electromechanical integration possible. 


1. Simple operation, high degree of automation (just press a button)
2. Using the menu management, easy to understand the input parameters
3. Can store 99 groups oil sample test data to facilitate future access to and print, test data can be stored in power off state for 10 years.
4. The system clock in the power off state can continue to run.
5. Through the RS232 port with a software upgrade or with the PC, on-line detection.
6. Anti-interference ability
7. Detection with high precision
8. Small size, light weight, easy operations


Technical index:
Operating voltage: AC240V± 10%, 50Hz± 5%( or at user's option)

Measuring range: AC 0-100KV
Rated current: 5mA
Accuracy: 1%
Hi-voltage rate: 2KV/S± 10%
Pre-setting: Frequency 1 - 9
Blending time: 0 - 1 min39s
Standing time: 0 - 10 min39s
Environment temperature: 0 - 45 degree
Relativity Humidity: ≤ 98%
Oil-cup interval: 2.5mm
Dimension: 490X485X490mm
Weight: 48.5Kg


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